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admin 06/04/2017

When you go to paint the interior of your home we have some secrets you might want to know that a lot of interior painting pros won’t share with you.


Painters all have slightly different methods to painting the interior of the home, but all painting pros know the trade secrets.


You have to start with a perfectly smooth surface to end up with a perfectly painted wall.


So let’s get started:


  • Sand away the flaws
  • Press the painters tape with a putty knife
  • Use tinted primer
  • Eliminate brush and lap marks with paint extender
  • Scrape a ridge in textured ceilings
  • Use canvas drop cloths
  • Finish one wall before starting another
  • Scrape windows (don’t tape them)
  • Box paint for consistent color
  • Wash roller covers
  • Clean the dirty walls with degreaser
  • Start with a loaded brush
  • Push paint to avoid runs

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