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admin 13/04/2017

The key to a fast clean lined paint job is planning, prep, and painter’s tape. You can use painter’s tape like Frog Tape.

We have a few tips to make your next painting job look like a professional did it.

  1. You will want to start painting from the top down. Start with the crown moldings or the ceiling. Its hard to touch up a bad paint job you will most likely have to just repaint.
  2. Use painters tape it allows for the project to move a lot faster.
  3. For straightest and fastest application try rolling the tape along the edge of whatever surface you are painting.
  4. The most important part of any tape job for painting is to burnish the tape to the tape to your surface.

Now if your looking for the best option for painting the interior of your home in Metro Detroit and don’t want to do it the DIY way. We can help you by answering any and all questions you have for a painting contractor.

We have licensed and insured painters that you can talk to right now that are professional and will do the job right.

One thing that most people run into when painting the interior of their house is they can’t find good work.

How to hire a Metro Detroit Professional Painter

We have painters that have been painting houses for years. If you want to schedule an appointment call us now, 248-419-1558 for a Metro Detroit professional painter.

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