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admin 06/04/2017

Here is a little cheat sheet if you are painting any room in your house for the first time. And want to know what kind of finish to use.


If you are painting a ceiling you want to make sure you use a flat finish.


For the bedrooms, living room, and dinning room you will want to use an eggshell finish.


Going into the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and hallways you will want to use a satin finish on the walls.


When painting any trim and mold you want to use a semi-gloss. That also goes for kitchen cabinets, doors, and any wood working you may have in your house.


For the rarely used furniture in your house you will want to put a coat of gloss finish paint on.


We hope this helps you with the types of paint to use or allows you to tell the professional painters what kind of paint finish you want in your house.


There are many options to consider for your walls and we want you to love the paint you put on them.


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