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admin 20/04/2017

There are hundreds maybe thousands of homes that have tacky walls in the house. And who wants to have tacky when you can have tasteful walls in the house. 

Now you can hire a painting contractor in Dearborn Michigan with one simple  step, and that’s to call them at 248-419-1558.

Before you get started you will want to keep these three steps in mind to know how the painting process should go once you make an appointment and hire the painters.

Painters should also know these 3 steps so you get professional looking walls in your house.

Start with a perfectly smooth surface

You always want to start sanding the wall that your going to paint. Start at the baseboard and work up to the ceiling and than go horizontal for a smooth wall. Yes they might seem like pointless work but its very important to the process of having smooth walls.

Forget about the plastic

Covering the floor is very important when you have a painting project going on you don’t want two projects at once. So when your covering the floor use cloth canvas instead of the plastic. Plus cloth won’t let the paint seep through.

Focus on one wall

Paint the corners and the trim and than roll on to painting the wall. Most of the time people paint all the trim and corners and that can be a no no. The paint will blend better if you focus on one wall at a time.

Now that you know some of the tricks for painters next time you need to hire a painter in Dearborn Michigan you know more to ask for a better complete professional job. Call us anytime to schedule a painter near you. 248-419-1558

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