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admin 12/04/2017

Painting your house in Metro Detroit takes the right paint and prepping your home’s exterior. But with our help painting your house can be a breeze.


  • You will want to consider Mother Nature you will want to keep in mind the time of year and understand the local weather. Remember that paint needs time to dry and won’t adhere to wet surfaces.
  • Buy better quality paint this will save you time in how much you will have to paint over the years. To pay less for paint you will want to go quality over price.
  • Paint won’t adhere to rough, dirty surfaces so be sure to clean them. You will want to sand and dry for the paint to adhere.
  • Paint doesn’t stick to rotting wood so if you’re painting wood siding that’s old you might want to think about replacing it before you paint.
  • Use primer a good primer to whatever your painting before you put on the coats of paint. Some paints already have primer in them. So you will want to make sure you look at the reviews.
  • Combine cans of paint doing this will ensure that you will have a uniform color applied to your home’s exterior. This method is called “boxing the paint”.
  • Paint from top to bottom working from the top to bottom while painting lets you control the streaks.
  • Seal it off properly close your paint after you’re done for the day, this step will help from the paint drying out. Use a rubber hammer to make sure the top is closed tight.
  • Add grit so after your done painting the porch sand it down to add a bit of traction having just a coat of paint on the floor can become a bit slick.
  • Cover you landscape this is an often forgotten step. Use a drop cloth to cover anything you want to protect it.


If you are looking for an exterior painter in the Detroit area that can take care of any outdoor painting give us a call, 248-419-1558. And our painting specialist will schedule you an appointment today!

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