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When doing interior painting you want to keep these 10 things in mind. If you want to give your home an updated look you will want these in your home.


  1. The finish of your paint is important – if you have a high traffic house you will want to look at gloss paint or a satin paint they hold up the best and are easy to clean.
  2. Embrace the color don’t fear bold colors pick a color that adds depth and texture to a room. Take advantage of what colors can do for a room.
  3. Before you choose any colors for any room you have to try samples first. Take home some of the paint colors you like and test them out. This step will help you decide on how a color will look in a room.

    It’s better to spend a few dollars on a few color samples than hundreds of dollars on gallons of paints to see that you don’t like them.

  4. Know how much paint you will need. Add up the square feet of the walls and dormers. You need to account for multiple coats of primer. Plus its good to have a few gallons of paint left over for repairs and touch ups.
  5. You will want to be a prepper prepping your home for paint is going to be the majority of the work in the home. You will want to move furniture and repair and patch any imperfections.
  6. Using primer is key unless you are buying an all in one paint mixture you will need to prime your walls. Prime allows for the top coat of paint to adhere better to the wall giving it a better result.
  7. Its okay to cut in it allows for a smoother when using rollers or large brushes.
  8. Rollers save time you can get more done in less time with rollers. You will want to paint in a W to get better coverage and smooth out the lines.
  9. Use an extension pole you will be able to save time and reach more with moving less. But you will still have to use a ladder to cut in.
  10. Combine same color paint for uniformity they call it boxing it will help you avoid in consistence in the paint color. This method is when you put multiple gallons of the same color paint in a larger bucket and stir it.

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