What Kind of Detroit Neighborhood do you want to buy real estate in?

admin 05/07/2017

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When buying a house in Detroit or anywhere for that matter you want to make sure you touch on all points of the house and what comes with the house. 

What to look for in a Detroit Michigan neighborhood

Like the neighborhood, schools, crime, entertainment, walk ability, TV and internet services and other big ticket items.

You want to make sure the area you live in is well taken care of and if not mark it off your list of places you want to check out.

The neighborhood is important in Detroit Michigan

The neighborhood is very important for a home because your home is where your going to spend the majority of your time.

You just want to know your in a safe neighborhood when your researching homes in the Detroit area and there is nothing wrong with that.

Second besides the layout of the neighborhood you want to see what kind of curb appeal the homes around the area look like. Curb appeal does sell the house but you want to make sure the landscaping is good, the paint on the house isn’t worn off, and that the roof doesn’t need to be replaced.

All these things are extra expenses you have to consider with the home. Painters are not cheap in the Detroit area. But there are a ton of house painters in Detroit. So even though the work is hard at least you know that it will get done.

Doing odd jobs around the house

That’s just on the exterior of the home, the interior of the home needs to have a check list to and you can usually get check lists for the properties from the Property managers in Detroit.

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