The Way To Rent To Own Homes in Detroit Michigan

admin 24/05/2017

So you want to rebuild your credit for owning a house? Have you ever looked at rent to own options on a house?

Rent to own homes in Detroit Michigan are a great opportunity to hold on to a house while you are in the process of building up your credit.

Get daily rent to own listings in Detroit MI

Working with us will allow you to see the most recent home listings in Detroit. And find the best deal you can get for a house in the Detroit area.

Daily we are updating our listings of rent to own homes so you can have multiple homes to choose from.

If you are new to rent to own homes we can assist you in making the right decisions. There can be multiple steps for rent to own homes in Detroit.

Some requirements for a rent to own home in Detroit

Like the following:

  • Both the owner and buyer have to agree on the final asking price of the home
  • You have to have a 580 credit score or higher for most rent to own programs in Detroit

When you are in a rent to own agreement that means that you are still paying the rent you agreed to but part of the rent goes towards the fees to start the home buying process.

Rent to own approval in Detroit MI

Now this is usually the option if you can get approval from a local lender or banking institution. It’s a much slower process than working with a mortgage lender. And one thing you want to make sure you have is everything in writing.

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